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Dec. 28th, 2010 09:41 am
eiremauve: Icon of Eowyn from LotR (Disney: Belle Bookworm)
Yay, I have finished! Since there are so few WoT icons, I decided to make some from the e-book covers. It would almost be a good thing for there to be an adaptation, because if they captured the look well, we'd have lots of things to icon! And I might have a (miniscule) chance at playing Moiraine!

The e-book covers really look so much better, it's amazing. I think it's because the artists actually read the books! You can actually figure out who's who, and it doesn't lead to a "Wait, that's supposed to be them?" Although...Nynaeve is not supposed to have red hair, as she does in the Crown of Swords picture (it's still a pretty picture, though). My favourites are The Fires of Heaven and Winter's Heart (and that has nothing whatever to do with the fact that it features my two favourite characters! Nothing what whatever! :)), and fortunately they iconed well. Lord of Chaos, Path of Daggers, Crossroads of Twilight, Knife of Dreams and The Gathering Storm are also wonderful. The Eye of the World and The Dragon Reborn didn't icon so well, ah well.

It's sort of sad that the e-book covers are the best, it's not as though you can stare at it on the shelf, though you could probably make a cover of it to put over the hardcover.
The lion in the hill and the sun takes flight )


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